Switzerland transport specialist

Looking for a reliable partner for transport to and from Switzerland? Then you have come to the right place at LTT BV. We provide a daily transport service to and from Switzerland, and guarantee a very fast, punctual and safe delivery.

As Switzerland is not part of the EU, different rules and procedures apply to their customs formalities. However, LTT has the relevant customs clearance knowledge. This enables us to organize all the necessary shipping documents for you.

• To and from Switzerland daily

• Part shipments, full loads and ADR transport

• Fast and punctual delivery

• Also to the Alsace in France and the Schwarzwald in Germany


We often transport to several locations such as

• Geneva
• Basel
• Lucerne
• St. Gallen
• Lausanne
• Bern
• Lugano
• Zurich
• Chur

No delay at the Swiss border because our drivers are well prepared before they leave

LTT – Switzerland Transport Specialist for:

– General transport to and from Switzerland
– Pallet transport to and from Switzerland
– Full truck load transport to and from Switzerland
– ADR transport to and from Switzerland
– Swiss customs formalities