Intermodal transport by rail

Market demand for intermodal transport is growing. Our trailers are prepared for being transported by rail.

Intermodal transport is an economic and sustainable solution for the transport of shipments to and from Switzerland for customers. LTT BV also takes care of all the necessary documentation for intermodal transport.

About intermodal transport
Intermodal transport is a form of multimodal transport. In intermodal transport, goods are transported by several means of transport, also known as modes of transport or modalities. The goods remain in the container or semi-trailer during transport. They are not transferred separately.
The complete semi-trailer, sometimes with a trailer, is loaded on a train for further transportation.

We will gladly advise you to help you choose the modes of transport that are best for you.

• To and from Switzerland daily

• Part shipments, full loads and ADR transport

• Fast and punctual delivery

• Also to the Alsace in France and the Schwarzwald in Germany

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