No worrying about Customs and border formalities

Switzerland is not part of the EU. Different rules and procedures apply to customs formalities in Switzerland.

For example, goods have to be cleared to leave Switzerland and goods have to be cleared to enter the Netherlands. This involves several different documents such as permits, certificates, export documents and product requirements.
LTT BV’s planners have considerable experience with the customs formalities in Switzerland and can arrange all the right documents for importing and exporting goods to and from Switzerland. From requesting the documents from the sender, through the declaration to customs for export clearance, to the eventual declaration to customs for import clearance.
Customers have direct contact with their LTT BV contact person.

• To and from Switzerland daily

• Part shipments, full loads and ADR transport

• Fast and punctual delivery

• Also to the Alsace in France and the Schwarzwald in Germany


When transporting to Switzerland, we can cross the border at the following locations:

• Vallorbe
• Basel
• Rheinfelden
• Bad Säckingen
• Bardonnex
• Waldshut-Tiengen
• Schaffhausen
• Thayngen
• Konstanz-
• Kreuzlingen