Safe transport of hazardous substances

Our vehicles comply with the strict ADR requirements. LTT BV’s planners have the necessary knowledge to arrange the correct documentation. Our drivers are ADR certified. Our vehicles feature ADR cases with all the mandatory items.
This enables LTT BV to safely transport hazardous substances to their destinations in Switzerland, Belgium, the Ruhr region, the French Alsace and the German Schwarzwald.

About ADR:
ADR means Accord européen relatif au transport international de marchandises Dangereuses par Route. It is the pan-European agreement of the United Nations for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.
Dangerous goods have to comply with other transport conditions, such as packaging requirements. A larger number of documents is required for the transport of ADR goods. In the Netherlands, these rules are also covered by the Dutch Hazardous Substances Transport Act (Wet Vervoer Gevaarlijke Stoffen) and the Regulation on Road Transport of Dangerous Goods (Regeling Vervoer over land van gevaarlijke stoffen).
Hazardous goods transported by rail as part of intermodal transport are also subject to special requirements and conditions.

Please contact us for advice on ADR transport.

• To and from Switzerland daily

• Part shipments, full loads and ADR transport

• Fast and punctual delivery

• Also to the Alsace in France and the Schwarzwald in Germany

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